Set Project Copy Options

This allows you to set the options for the Project Copy dialog. Because the checkboxes in PWC are stored in the registry as a mask value we can not represent the checkboxes here. What you need to do is set the options you want in PWC, open Regedit on that system and go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bentley\ProjectWise Explorer\MISC SETTINGS". Note the Decimal value for 'PROJECT COPY FLAGS', the value in the(). EG "0x009b3050(10170448)" 10170448 is the value you enter that in the field provided. Default is 10170448 for Folder Copy and 10367056 for New Project from Templates

Supported on: Supported on Microsoft Windows Vista and later
Set Project Copy Options

Registry PathSoftware\Bentley\ProjectWise Explorer\MISC SETTINGS
Default Value10170448
Min Value
Max Value10432592