Ivanti Insight Server FQDN

This policy setting determines which Ivanti Insight Server the Ivanti Insight Agent will upload data to.
The name should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name for the target Ivanti Insight Server e.g. Example.Ivanti.Com

NOTE: As Insight will automatically prepend the supplied value with HTTPS:// do not include the protocol, or it will force all communication for Ivanti Insight Agents configured by this policy setting to fail to communicate with the Ivanti Insight Server.
If required the default port (443) can be overridden by appending it to the FQDN e.g. Example.Ivanti.Com:10443

Supported on: At least Windows Vista
Ivanti Insight Server FQDN

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\AppSense\Insight
Value NameServer
Value TypeREG_SZ