Ivanti Insight Agent Event Log Filter

This policy setting allows you to manage which Ivanti Insight event log events will be raised by the Ivanti Insight Agent.

To use this setting you will need to provide a comma separated list of the Events you wish Ivanti Insight to raise in the Event Log, leaving out the Event IDs you do not wish to be raised.

The Event IDs are:

9800 - Server Connection Status
9801 - Server Connection Failure including HTTP error code
9802 - Events uploaded including the count of uploaded events

Event ID 9800 & 9801 are raised by default prior to configuring this setting. Events are raised with Event Source of "AppSense Insight"

Supported on: At least Windows Vista
Ivanti Insight Agent Event Log Filter

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\AppSense\Insight
Value NameEventLogFilter
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value9800,9801