Set the maximum percentage of upload bandwidth that OneDrive.exe uses

This setting allows you to configure the maximum percentage of the available bandwidth on the computer that OneDrive sync will use to upload. (OneDrive only uses this bandwidth when syncing files.) The bandwidth available to a computer is constantly changing so a percentage allows sync to respond to both increases and decreases in bandwidth availability while syncing in the background. The lower the percentage of bandwidth OneDrive sync is allowed to take, the slower the computer will sync files. We recommend a value of 50% or higher. Sync enables upload limiting by periodically allowing the sync engine to go full speed for one minute and then slowing down to the upload percentage set by this setting. This enables two key scenarios. First, a very small file will get uploaded quickly because it can fit in the interval where sync is measuring the maximum possible speed. Second, for any long running upload, sync will keep optimizing the upload speed per the percentage value set by this setting.

If you enable this setting, computers affected by this policy will use the maximum bandwidth percentage that you specify.

If you disable this setting, computers will allow the users to determine how much upload bandwidth they can use.

If you enable or disable this setting, do not return the setting to Not Configured. Doing so will not change the configuration and the last configured setting will remain in effect.

Supported on: At least Windows 7

Select the maximum percentage of bandwidth to take up when uploading files.

Valid values are from 10 - 90.


Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive
Value NameAutomaticUploadBandwidthPercentage
Default Value70
Min Value10
Max Value99