Set the maximum download bandwidth that OneDrive.exe uses

This setting allows you to configure the maximum available bandwidth on the computer that OneDrive sync will use to download. (OneDrive only uses this bandwidth when syncing files.) This bandwidth limit is a fixed rate in kilobytes per second. The lower the bandwidth OneDrive sync is allowed to take, the slower the computer will sync files. The minimum rate that can be set is 1 KB/s and the maximum rate is 100000 KB/s. Any input lower than 50 KB/s will set the limit to 50 KB/s, even if the UI shows the inputted rate.

If you enable this setting, computers affected by this policy will use the maximum download bandwidth that you specify.

If you disable this setting, computers will allow the users to determine how much download bandwidth they can use.

Supported on: At least Windows 7

Select the maximum amount of bandwidth to take up when downloading files.

Valid values are from 1 to 100000.


Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive
Value NameDownloadBandwidthLimit
Default Value125
Min Value1
Max Value100000